Failure Analysis & Reporting

Cormetrics performs corrosion related failure analyses for pipeline and process equipment. We take pride in presenting clear, understandable reports without compromising the scientific accuracy of the failure interpretation. We will custom tailor our analysis/reporting to suit your companies’ requirements.


With each failure analysis our clients receive a comprehensive, in depth report that will include the following information:


System Description

    This includes operating conditions, flow characteristics/modeling, production volumes, discussion of gas/hydrocarbon analyses, line history and any other relevant information.

Water Chemistry

    Discussion of any available water analysis, including scaling and corrosion tendencies. The validity of the water analysis is checked.

Sample Description

    Description of sample as received including measurements and digital photographs as well as any other significant observations prior to any analysis being performed.

Sample Examination

    Detailed description of all analysis performed in the laboratory including any spot tests and observations during and after cleaning of wall scale. W use inhibited acid cleaning to preserve the fine details of the corrosion damaged surface.

X-ray Diffraction Analysis

    Any significant/relevant scale will be sampled and analysed by XRD, on-site XRD equipment insures immediate accurate results. Identification of the nature of solids associated with a failure is often critical to understanding corrosion modes.

Corrosion Mechanism

    A detailed discussion of the root cause of the failure and of any contributing factors will be presented. The role played by system parameters, operating methods and mitigation practices is usually discussed.


    Clear and concise statements of conclusions are presented.


    Recommendations as to further actions required to ascertain the potential for further damage and to mitigate corrosion to insure ongoing pipeline integrity.

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